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- klub mladih i klub za mlade -

KLUB TEHNIKE is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit association of freely associated technical experts and other citizens who realize their personal and common interests in the field of engineering, technology, and STEM. The association was founded and registered in 2022 according to the Associations Act, continuing the program system of the Ludbreg Community of Technical Culture (ZTKL). The members of the Klub tehnike are experts, teachers, parents, students and pupils who are interested in improving technical knowledge by training and facilitating creative work, i.e. expressing and confirming creative abilities, knowledge and skills in the field of technical culture, education and the educational system.

About us

Technology is our passion,

Our mission

Klub tehnike is developing, encouraging and implementing programs and projects in the STEM field and influences the motivation of young people to acquire basic technical, IT and general knowledge that enables them to discover their talent and develop creative abilities.

To connect young people, to make them aware of the possibilities that can transform their lives.

To promote technique, technology and science as concepts, and learning as lifelong joy.

To promote and support equal access to technical education.

Our vision

Klub tehnike is committed to encourage the abilities of its members for technical creativity and motivating young people.

To discover their talent through the work and program of the association, develop their talent and share the advantages with their colleagues.

Education based on the principles of equality, equality, free choice, pluralism, democracy and social responsibility that enables each individual to fully develop their personal potential and competencies.

Young technicians / Mladi tehnicari

Young members are included in many activities common called Young technicians / Mladi tehnicari 


Designing projects, making and documenting simple electronic and digital circuits and devices according to given parameters and exercises in electrostatics and electricity, study conductors and insulators, determine the capacity and poles of capacitors.


Basics of programming and electronics, learns to independently read electronic schematics, distinguish types and modes of operation of sensors, use the basic syntax of the C++ programming language, and properly use the functions built into Arduino.


Fischertechnik Universal-sensors, robotics and programming, independent reading of electronic schematics, work using the RoboPro programming language. Assembling the structure, connecting the structure with motors and power supply and connecting to the computer, programming te pokretanja sklopa preko sučelja. 

Knowledge is our power.

Every day we can learn more that we knew yesterday.

What you say about us?

Details about secret hidden in Klub tehnike attractive activity

The mentors have a lot of patience and I'm never bored.


I started with a single diode, and now I can make my own inventions.


I like working with creative children who come with interest and lots of questions.

Ilona - mentor

Contact us!

Mail: info@klub-tehnike.hr

Telefon/Viber /Whatsup: 099/201-6350



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